Moya is a Leviathan, a race of living space ships.† They certainly donít look organic, but Moya is curvaceous and sleek and behind the hull are numerous veins and hull tissues.

Leviathans are capable of faster than light travel (itís only defensive manoeuvre) and also capable of supporting life for itís crewmembers.

Because of it's power and speed, the Peacekeepers were keen to modify Leviathans for battle and breeding.† They developed huge Ďcollarsí and a number of other control devises and instigated a breeding programme (for which Moya was to be the prototype).

The Leviathans can fly themselves but need a Pilot to navigate, and man the control systems.† There is a race of beings that are exactly suited for this and are ready and willing to be surgically implanted (permanently) since it is the only way they can achieve space travel).

Both Pilot and Moya are sentient and individual. Pilot cares deeply for Moya, and this is foremost where his loyalties lie.

The Starburst is an energy intensive process that propels the ship faster than light for short bursts.† Moya needs to spend several hours recharging itís batteries before another Starburst can take place.† Moya can travel incredible distances in seconds and it is not required to know where the ship will end up before engaging the Starburst Drive.

The Peacekeeper experiment to breed a Leviathan was successful in that Moya gave birth to a little Leviathan.† The young ship (called Talyn) developed an affinity with Aeryn (presumably because she was a Peacekeeper) and has a number of very powerful weapons.

Moya has a couple of transports used for ferrying passengers to and from the ship, a docking beam used for assisting other visitors to the ship and a number of small drones called DRD's used for carrying out repairs and in some cases protecting the ship from aggressive guests.



Questions and answers about Moya

Q: What's up with Moya? Is she alive? Is she intelligent?
Why was she in restraints in the premiere?
A: Moya was under restraints because being a jail transport is not her idea of a fun time. She was not constructed by the Peacekeepers, but captured and drugged, with her original pilot, until the restraints, among other things, could be installed on her. Her original pilot-symbiote (a female, some years older than the current Pilot) was murdered by the PK's and Pilot was installed while Moya was under the control collar and sedated. Given a chance to get away from the Peacekeepers, you can see why she Starburst as fast as you can say "get out of jail free card."

And yes, Moya is alive, an entirely separate species with her own priorities, although she can only communicate through Pilot and the DRDs. She is also intelligent -- how intelligent, we have no idea, but she has enough free will to have deliberately cut Pilot out of the loop and to actively defend her baby when she became pregnant; she's also lent pretty high-level assistance to the crew when Pilot was out of it (Losing Time comes immediately to mind). So, don't mess with Moya.

Q: Why doesn't Pilot ever leave that one room inside Moya?
And is claustrophobia responsible for his snarky attitude?
A: He's in symbiosis with her, and is physically, mentally and emotionally bonded to Moya. He's needed to maintain the stability of her systems and keep everything running. He is physically a part of Moya and can't leave, not even to run away from people with sharp objects.

Actually, Pilot's attitude over the last few cycles was probably at least partly due to physical stress--- the PK's grafted him onto Moya without her consent, tortured her into it, and left Pilot hooked up in a painful artificial connection that never stopped hurting. Recently, after admitting to having cooperated with the Peacekeepers in the initial installation (though he clearly didn't know all of what he was getting into), Pilot ripped out the PK connection to Moya. A new, less-reliable but more natural bonding is now in the process of growing between them.

Q: What does DRD stand for? And what are those little guys?
A: DRD stands for Diagnostic Repair Darter. They're Pilot and Moya's happy little helpers, who take care of repairing the ship's systems or finding out what's going on in areas of the ship that the crew can't get to. R2D2's shorter cousins, if you will. Moya controls them and they acts like Moyas eyes and ears.

Q: Why doesn't the crew of the Moya ever shoot back when they're under attack?
And what kind of space drive is powering Moya?
A: Moya, unfortunately, does not come with a supply of lasers, phasers, or frag cannons; they just weren't in her design specs. This may change at some point in the future, but as of yet, the only thing she can do when under attack is run or hide. The crew managed to scavenge a Defense Screen (they seem to be sticking with this) off an old Peacekeeper wreck in PK Tech Girl, which may keep them alive a little longer. Even if one shot from Talyn's cannons totaled it in Mind the Baby, it's gotten a workout in a few eps since then, and been moderately helpful if never dependable (and occasionally caused far more trouble than it was worth).

Fortunately, Moya's space drive includes a "StarBurst" capability, which shoots her into hyperspace and out of range of anyone else when used. It requires a warm-up phase, which is why the crew of the Moya had to use John's slingshot maneuver to evade Crais in the premiere. Her drive requires iriscentent fluid, which can be bought rather expensively at the commerce planet nearest you.

Q: Moya's baby boy is a cutie! But has anyone stepped forward to claim paternity? And how did a *baby* get so many weapons? And how did Crais get custody?
A: There's no name in the "father" blank on the birth certificate, so we don't have a definite line on the dad --- and Moya's still not talking about it. But from what Crais admitted in Family Ties and what we saw in The Way We Weren't, the Peacekeepers intended to design a new breed of Leviathan that comes with a full array of operational weapons-- unlike his mommy. All the other Leviathans they've tried this with died during pregnancy, along with the babies, most likely because they were all wearing control collars that made the already difficult birth nearly impossible. Pilot, as well as Aeryn, believes that when D'Argo removed the contraceptive shield (most likely installed by Lieutenant Velorek) in They've Got a Secret that the catalyst he released contained the DNA signature for weapons, impregnating Moya in vitro with designer genes. "Daddy" is probably a test tube.

In the meantime, Baby Boy Moya -- named "Talyn" by Aeryn, in honor of the father she never met -- doesn't need a pilot-symbiote, but he chose Captain Crais to bear a neural implant that acts in the same way. As for custody, well, Crais is a rat and managed to subvert Talyn into running away from home at exactly the wrong moment. Since then, the pair have come and gone from the vicinity of Moya and her crew, alternately bringing trouble back with them, or helping Our Stalwart Crew out of trouble of their own. Ain't nobody happy with the situation, least of all Moya and Auntie Aeryn.

Q: Who's in charge on Moya, exactly?
A: Ha! Dream on. No one's in charge.

Pilot's keeping Moya functional all the time, but as yet, no one else in the crew has been dubbed anything except "captain for the day." Rygel gets the negotiator and purchasing jobs, Zhaan's got some biological and medical expertise as well as her priest's training. Crichton alternates between searching obsessively for wormholes, being Science Guy, and getting in on the fighting; Aeryn, due to some interesting circumstances, is capable of filling in for Pilot in the short-term. D'Argo blows things up really well, and, oddly enough, often winds up being The Sane One, while Chiana does pretty much whatever needs to be done at any given time (she's also high on the 'blow things up' list). Since Zhaan's departure, Jool has taken over her medical and research duties, and when he's on board, Stark mostly wanders around annoying everyone else. It's a job...


Q: Does it exists real spaceships like Moya in outer space ?

A: The Farscape Series is a science fiction which doesn't reflect exactly the true situation in our galaxy. Some elements in the series can have been inspired by real space people. By asking real space people by telepathic channeling, we got this answers. Living spaceships that function in a similar manner as Moya does exists in space. This ships does not look like Moya and they are not depended on a pilot to operate. Often this types of ships operates on higher dimensions who are invisible seen from our dimension. This ships can be contacted by telepathic communication methods (Try Steven Greers CE5 protocol).

Q: Can Moya be constructed for real ?

A: With the present science on Earth a spaceship like Moya can't be built her. Some other civilizations in our galaxy has technology and spiritual knowledge who is advanced enough to actually build Moya with the form and functions as described in Farscape. Some aliens thinks that the design and concept of Moya looks interesting and are not unwilling to actually build her. A race that looks exactly like Pilot doesn't exists in our galaxy. Such a race must therefore be created if one shall use the Farscape concept. To create the Pilot race would be more difficult than constructing Moya herself. One must obey specific spiritual rules if a new living race shall be created. A real Moya would probably be different in some way from the Farscape version. A real Moya would probably be much bigger than the Farscape version, Probably more than 10 Km long. A real Moya would not have been depended on Pilot to operate all of her systems. You would be able to communicate with her directly by telepathy. The pilot main function would have been navigation only. A real Moya would have a powerful repulsive screen (power field) and a cloaking screen (technology who would made her invisible if she like). The food for the crew would have been produced by herself and she would have the possibility to teleport the crew directly to example a planet surface and back ( like the beaming in Star Trek). A real Moya would also have interdimensional traveling capacity. To get more informations about real spacepeople and UFOs go to

Q: Has living spaceships who can be compared to Moya ever visited Earth and seen as a type of UFO.

A: Yes they have and they still do. Some of this spaceships are with a crew inside it and other are totaly independent life forms without a crew of other species inside of it. Mostly this spaceships are invisible because they are vibrating on higher dimensionary frequencies. It has happened that this type of spacecraft has entered our dimension. In this cases they have mostly been seen in South America. A person named Carlos Diaz who lives in Tepetzlan, Mexico. Have established contact with a Moya type spacecraft in 1994 who have visited him from time to time. He has taken several pictures and videos of this spacecraft. 3 pictures of this spacecraft are shown below. This spacecraft is a highly advanced living ship with a crew of other species inside of it. In many ways can it be compared to Moya.


Q: Does it exist DRDs in real living ships ?

A: It exist units in some spaceships who can be compared to DRDs but they looks different and have much more tasks than the DRDs in Moya. This units can be a part of ordinary constructed spaceships and living spaceships. They can usually fly and teleport and they can leave their mothership and act independently. They are usually globe shaped or soucershaped with a diameter at approximately 1 to 1,5 Meter. Usually this types of units is called telemeter discs. Some types of this units are totally living creatures that can reproduce. In Mexico formations of hundreds of this objects has been seen and filmed.

This pictures shows telemeter units built on living vessel technology. This vessels can reproduce. The function of this spheres is to link back pictures, sounds, thought patterns, feelings etc to its mother ship who can be orbiting the Earth. This spheres functions in many fields in a comparable way to the DRDs on Moya. The pictures was taken by a person who has contacts with aliens. On this site you can obtain more information about him. You couldn't see the spheres with your eyes when the pictures was taken, but the camera was able to see them. This person can communicate with this life forms by telepathy. The real DRDs are involved in the construction of complex patterns in English Cornfields like this